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How to Disconnect/Reconnect Scanner Unit

How to remove and reinstall the scanner module from the PhyzBatch-9000 card sorter.

Use the following steps to remove the scanner unit from your PhyzBatch-9000 either for maintenance or a swap.


  1. Remove the thumbscrew at the rear underside of the scanner cover.
  2. Pull back the scanner cover, it does not need to be fully removed.
  3. Disconnect both the conveyor control and power cables from the scanner unit.
  4. Remove the 2mm Allen screw from the scanner door.
  5. Open the door, and remove the pin bar from the scanner.  It should be a tight fit, and is easier to remove when holding the bar, O-ring and twisting while pulling.
  6. Remove the thumbscrew on the bottom of the scanner, on the inside of the equipment bay.
  7. Pull the scanner forward, off the chassis, away from the conveyor.



A reverse of the above process with some slight changes in order.

  1. Push the scanner back on the the chassis, flush to the conveyor.
  2. Push the pin bar back in place.  It should be a tight fit, and is easier to install when holding the bar, O-ring, and twisting.  You may need to move the bar around in order to get it in contact with the adjacent opening on the other side.
  3. Reconnect the conveyor power and control cables to the scanner.  The control cable (grey ribbon) and receptacle have arrows on them which should line up.  The red marking is typically on top.
  4. Reinstall the thumbscrew in the equipment bay.

    The sorter can be run temporarily with the conveyor cover off and side door open.  It is a good idea to test the scanner after reinstallation before full reassembly.
  5. Push the conveyor cover back flush with the scanner and reinstall the thumbscrew at the rear.