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Feed Fixer Installation Guide

How to install the Feed Fixer upgrade kit onto your PhyzBatch 9000.

If you recently received a Feed Fixer Upgrade Kit, please follow the video or written guide below to install the new system onto your PhyzBatch-9000. 

Your Feed Fixer kit should include the following parts pictured below. Depending on the model of your PhyzBatch you may not have the Plate Attachment Device included with your kit. 

Feed Fixer Kit EDIT
If you have an earlier model of the PhyzBatch with orange toggles on your machine's Dream Beam (pictured below) please contact TCG Machines support at support@tcgmachines.com to arrange a video call for installation.

Before installing your new feeding system, please remove your machine's top plate from the scanner so you can gain access to the machine's Dream Beam and gate assembly. Remove the four screws from the top plate of the scanner with your 2mm Allen key.


Once the top plate has been removed you will next need to loosen the locking screws on your gates Dream Beam.

Next, loosen the middle screw. Then screw the side screws clockwise, which will move the gate up.

Your gate should now be loose. Lift the gate and set it so that the gate height is six cards high. Then relock your locking screws so they are tight and hold the position of the gate.

Next, remove the dust tray from the machine. Then remove the hopper door from the back of the machine. To do so, remove the four screws on the door's hinges and then remove the door along with the hinges. Once the door is removed, next remove the rubber grommet on the back of the machine. You can use your Allen key to pry out the grommet if need be. 

 Now install the tail plate by first pushing the left side into the lip of the housing and then do the same for the right side. It may be a tight fit. Once the tail mount is in position, ensure that the top of the tail mount is parallel with the landing plate and that the holes on the right-hand side of the tail mount line up with those from where we remove the hopper door. When installing the tail mount, ensure that it is equally level on both sides. Once the tail plate is in position use the thumbscrew to screw in the left-hand side of the plate and use the shortest screws to attach the right side.

If your Feed Fixer Kit included a Plate Attachment Device (not every kit will) when attaching the plate on the left side you will need to position the device behind the hole and while holding it in place, use your other hand to screw the thumb screw through the plate and machine into the threads on the Plate Attachment Device. To position the device correctly behind the hole, you will need to open your scanner bay door and position the door at a 45-degree angle to position the device behind the hole.

Lastly, place the small wedge in between the screws on the top of your beam. Next, we want to install the Feed Fixer assembly. Before installing it, we want to check a couple of things. Push up on the yellow foot with your finger to ensure that the springs in the shuttle assembly are working correctly. The foot should move up slightly and spring back into position. You also want to ensure that the thumb screws are screwed to the top of the assembly, so the bottom of the screws are not sticking out below the lip on the headers. We are now ready to install the Feed Fixer.

Put the Feed Fixer assembly into your machine and ensure that the hooks on the bottom of the feeder fit into the holes on your landing plate. These hooks must be seated properly into the holes on the landing plate otherwise your feed system will not work properly. Once aligned, push down on the assembly to lock it into position. Make sure the bottom of the assembly is pushed all the way down to the bottom of the gate. If you try to remove it, the hooks should hold it in place. Once the Feed Fixer is in place, tighten the top thumbscrews until they are finger-tight. Make sure you tighten them back and forth in equal measure. 

Next, install the tails onto the tail mount. You will need the 5 mm Allen key and the two thumbscrews. Attach the tails and slide them forward so they grab the landing plate.

Please use the included plastic shim to ensure the tails are the correct distance from the header. Position the shim so the bottom of the "L" shape is flat against the landing pad and that the back of the "L" is flush against the header of the Feed Fixer Assembly. Then adjust the tail so it touches the front of the shim. Make sure that both tails are set parallel to each other. Once the tails are in the correct position, tighten the thumb screws to the point where the tails are secure and do not move much but still have a tiny bit of play. 

The last thing you need to do is attach the new wedge for your extended hopper. Ensure that the wedge is facing upwards and align the holes in the wedge with those on the top of the PhyzBatch. Use the medium-sized flat heads and alternate screwing them back and forth. Then screw in the remaining screws into the top of the wedge. You are now good to attach the extended hopper. When attaching the hopper, please ensure that the back of the hopper is flush with the machine.

You are now ready to adjust and start using your new feeding system. To adjust the feed fixer, please see our feed fixer guide.